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Portrait happy Hispanic family sitting with house in backgroundMost of our clients considered declaring bankruptcy as a “last resort” after they have exhausted their financial and legal means. Most of our clients never considered seeking the legal protection from creditors’ collection actions and harassment provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code until they were deep in debt and running out of time and money. They were all afraid that filing a bankruptcy, usually under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, would damage their credit to the point of no return and hinder their future ability to obtain credit for years to come.  The truth is that missed payments and increasing, unserviceable debt had already created devastating effects on their individual financial health.

It surprises many of our clients to learn that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, which is a system of laws expressly recognized in no less than the U.S. Constitution, have existed in one form or another for over two hundred years with the principle purpose of protecting relief to persons in financial distress.  We help our clients to restructure or eliminate their debts in accordance with current federal bankruptcy law, effectively shielding them from financial losses. In doing so, our clients gain a “fresh start” that provides them with an opportunity to save their homes and businesses, rebuild their credit, and save more of their hard-earned wages. Our clients discover that Bankruptcy Law is about protection and financial solutions, not punishment. The ultimate purpose of bankruptcy law is to relieve the honest, but unfortunate debtor a solution to their financial problems so that they can again thrive in the economy.

With over 20-years of experience, The Law Offices of Christopher Alliotts has long fought against the negative perceptions surrounding Bankruptcy Law by helping clients better understand their legal options and empowering them to take control of their finances.  Bankruptcy is administrative in nature and usually non-adversarial.  Compared to all of the anxiety that clients have endured before seeking bankruptcy protection, the bankruptcy process proves easier than imaginable for some clients; yet, the benefit for their financial health and future well-being cannot be understated.  We remain by our client’s side answer any questions you have throughout the process and represent their interests until their case is completed.

The clients of The Law Offices of Christopher Alliotts are encouraged to take that positive first step, and find peace of mind by working together to craft a solid legal and financial solution to get out of debt and to live free of interest only payments and never-ending creditor harassment.  The cause of one’s financial distress is not important.  Bankruptcy Law is designed to apply to nearly every conceivable situation, and provide a means to stop the nightmares and begin to build your future once again for a brighter tomorrow.  Our clients often have tell us that they should have come to us sooner, because there is so much more than that can be done with proper planning the earlier the bankruptcy process is started.

The Law Offices of Christopher Alliotts is here to help clients like you, but it’s up to you to “Act Now!” and contact us and take charge of your life again.



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